dubqnp – Ego Mix

Here’s a mix of my best deep house tracks from 2019-2020.


  1. Stævnen II – dubqnp
  2. pubae-pop2 – dubqnp
  3. Light-footed – dubqnp
  4. Head Spinning – dubqnp
  5. Midnight Blue – dubqnp
  6. all is calm – dubqnp
  7. Relaxed Unity – dubqnp
  8. Dance Naked – dubqnp
  9. Vintersolhverv – dubqnp
  10. Deep Beginnings – dubqnp
  11. Into the Night – dubqnp
  12. Solen Skinner. Hvad skal vi lave? – dubqnp

dubqnp – it’s so fucking cool (instrumental)

Mostly I make musicvideos for my tracks, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. In these cases I’ll try to share the mp3 here if I remember. Here is a collaboration with Lasse & Thomas called ‘it’s so fucking cool (instrumental)’. It’s called instrumental because Gareth never got around to putting on vocals.

dubqnp – it’s so fucking cool (instrumental)